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Solar Family Installer's Toolkit

If you are a solar PV installer or a system integrator based in India, the Solar Family Installers’ Toolkit is specially crafted to your needs.
On subscribing to our services you get:

Solar Family Cloud-enabled Web Portal

Cloud-enabled Web Portal

Here you have a bird’s eye view of all your installations, manage relationships with all your clients in one place. Also, detect if your installations are working properly or not and provide pro-active service to your clients.

Solar Family Monitoring Hardware

Monitoring Hardware

A monitoring unit that is placed next to the PV installation at your clients’ premises. It is a completely non-intrusive, noise-less, low-power device which collects the solar energy data and sends it over to the cloud.

Solar Family Mobile App for your Clients

Mobile App for your Clients

You get your very own Mobile App, which you can distribute to your customers. They see their savings in real-time and understand their solar panels better and in a much more engaging way.

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Solar Family Features With the cloud-enabled Web Portal, you manage all your client relationships in one place. No need for additional CRM software for your business.
Solar Family Features You can monitor the health and performance of your installations, get notified if something is wrong and provide pro-active service to your clients.
Solar Family Features You get a dynamic map showing real-time generation of all your solar installations. This you can proudly showcase in your website or show to your prospective clients.
Solar Family Features With your very own Solar Family powered Mobile App, your clients get deep insights into their energy generation and consumption in real-time.
Solar Family Features Through the App, your clients interact with you and with other solar families in the area through games and notifications. They set targets for energy savings and compete to reach them.
Solar Family Features On the App, your clients receive info on their predicted bills for this month in advance. Helps them get more savings and reduce their consumption.
Solar Family Features The Toolkit is well suited for both battery-less Grid-connected and Off-grid battery backup solar PV installations.
Solar Family Features The Toolkit has a monitoring device that works well with installations up to 90 kWp. It is ideal for both residential and commercial installations.
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  • Your very own Mobile App for your clients - gives you an edge over competitors

  • Add new features to your offering-increase your margins

  • Your installations become more reliable - AMC contract costs less, less customer complaints

  • Your customers understand their system better - happier customers, recommend you to friends.

About Us

The team behind Solar Family wants to catalyze the Indian Solar Revolution by offering tools to solar installers and system integrators; making their life simple.

Our focus is on the energy challenges of the future and Solar Family is a step towards it.

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